• Getting A New Roof? What To Know About Warranties

    If you're getting a brand new roof installed, one of the selling points may be the warranty on the materials and labor. This is not something you should just accept without questions since all warranties are different with what they cover and what you pay if you need warranty work done. Here is what you should know about roof warranties for material and labor. Material Warranties It is common for your new roofing material to have a warranty, and each manufacturer will have different warranties that they offer.
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  • Sometimes You Just Need More Plumbers

    Plumbing services need to have a full staff on hand for pretty much the entire year. However, there are times when having more plumbers than you usually do — or having access to a pool of plumbers — is necessary. Circumstances can converge and create a massive need for plumbing help in the community, and your company needs to be prepared to answer all of those calls in a timely manner.
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