Sometimes You Just Need More Plumbers

Posted on: 26 February 2019

Plumbing services need to have a full staff on hand for pretty much the entire year. However, there are times when having more plumbers than you usually do — or having access to a pool of plumbers — is necessary. Circumstances can converge and create a massive need for plumbing help in the community, and your company needs to be prepared to answer all of those calls in a timely manner. The solution is to contact plumbing staffing services that can send extra plumbers over to your company to handle the increased demand.

The Freezes Aren't Over Yet

The weather will be warming up soon in much of the country, but freezes are still possible for the next couple of months in many areas. The risk of frozen pipes hasn't gone away yet for the year, and if you're in a region that is at risk of one or two more freezes, you need extra plumbers on hand. If you have the records, look at your call logs for the past few years and see how many times your business suddenly got an influx of calls due to frozen or burst plumbing. This will help you calculate how many extra plumbers you will want to have on hand, on average.

Neither Is Flu Season

Flu season isn't over yet, either, which means that your staff plumbers could be out for a few days at random times. Even those who have gotten the flu shot are still at risk because the yearly shots cover three to four strains, and a fifth or sixth strain could be what flattens your staff. Regardless of flu-shot status, one or two plumbers out sick can clog up your company's schedule. Have a few extra plumbers sent over from a staffing service on those days.

Remodeling Season Begins Soon

Sometimes you need extra plumbers for very positive reasons, such as more seasonal work. Remodeling season is about to start up again, and with that comes plumbing repairs and upgrades. These jobs often require multiple people, so your current staff may not be able to meet that need at all, especially as the economy has continued to move along at a fairly good clip. Have more staff on hand to meet this increase in requests.

Plumber staffing services should offer insured and bonded contractors who know what they're doing. They are an invaluable addition to your staff when your business takes off for a temporary reason.


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