3 Different Ways You Can Use Solar Power In Your Home

Posted on: 24 October 2022

Many homeowners are fitting solar panels in their properties to enjoy free energy and reduce their carbon footprint. But some individuals shy away from investing in solar panels because they assume they have to spend money on large solar panels that cover the roof to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. The good news is that today there are stand-alone solar devices that are affordable and can give you enough energy for various purposes around your house. Below are a few unique ways to use solar energy in your home.

1. Heating Water for Various Purposes

Heating your water is a great way to take advantage of solar energy. With this solution, the installed panels will absorb the sun's heat and transfer it to the water heater to keep the water in its tank hot. You can use this hot water for various purposes around your house, such as washing clothes, bathing, and cooking. 

These solar hot water systems can either be passive or active. Active solar water heaters have mechanical circulating pumps, while passive solar water heaters rely on the natural concept that heat rises naturally. If you don't know what type of solar water heater will work best in your house, talk to a solar contractor for guidance. 

2. House Heating Purposes

It can be frustrating to stay in a house without proper heating during the cold season. That's why most homeowners install heaters to keep them warm when the cold starts kicking in. Unfortunately, these heaters significantly increase the electricity bill. But what if you could enjoy a warm home without straining your finances? Solar heating offers a great way to heat your house with free energy from the sun. These systems collect the air heated by the system and circulate it through your home. Therefore, solar heaters are the way to go if you are looking for a simple solution to reduce your monthly electric bill. 

3. Lighting the Outdoors

Another way to use solar energy in your house is to light your landscape. The market now offers beautiful solar lighting fixtures with individual panels for your outdoors. These lighting fixtures absorb the sun's energy during the day and automatically come on when the sun sets. The best part is that you don't have to deal with complicated underground wiring connections.

Incorporating solar energy in your house is a great way to take advantage of the sun's free resource and reduce your electricity bill. Remember that you don't have to make a huge investment to enjoy the advantages of this free energy. Today, you can install individual solar systems to heat your water, keep your house warm, or even for outdoor lighting. The applications are endless. However, you need a reliable solar contractor for installation services. 

For more information about solar power, contact a local professional. 


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