Plumbing Changes You May Want To Make During A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Posted on: 22 August 2022

The bathroom is one of the more popular areas of a home's interior to update with a major renovation or remodeling project. A key part of these projects can be the plumbing work that the desired upgrades may require in order to create an attractive and functional bathroom space for you and your family.

Relocating Major Plumbing Fixtures And Connections

In order to make full use of the interior space in your bathroom, it might be necessary to move some of the plumbing fixtures. While this is a common process to undertake during major bathroom renovations and remodelings, it should be noted that it can be a sizable plumbing challenge as there may be a need to move both the fixture and the pipes in the walls that are supplying it with water.

Adjusting The Water Pressure To Account For New Or Higher-Capacity Fixtures

During the course of a bathroom remodeling project, individuals may choose to install plumbing fixtures that have higher pressure. While this can make them more effective and enjoyable to use, they will place an added strain on your plumbing system. A plumber can assess your home's plumbing system to determine the additional capacity that the current system can accommodate. If your desired bathroom renovations exceed this capacity, a plumbing contractor may be able to upgrade the plumbing or adjust the calibration of the system to allow you to get the best performance possible from these new plumbing fixtures.

Installing Enhanced Water Heating Systems

Improving the bathing and showering experience is often a primary goal of a major bathroom remodeling project. To this end, increasing the hot water capacity of the plumbing will allow you to take hotter baths and longer showers. Due to these benefits, it is worth considering whether your bathroom remodeling project will benefit from this upgrade. While a new water heater can be a major investment, it can be an appliance that will be relatively quick to replace, which can reduce the overall impacts that it has on your bathroom remodeling project.

There are many complex types of work that will be required for a bathroom remodeling project to be successful. In addition to structural changes and other upgrades to this part of the home, the plumbing system may need some work to be compatible with the changes. To this end, a plumbing contractor may be able to assist you with relocating plumbing lines, calibrating the water pressure for new fixtures, and upgrading the water heater.

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