Invest in Home Remodeling to Make Your Foyer Brighter and More Attractive

Posted on: 10 June 2022

After living in your home for a while, you may feel satisfied with the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The foyer is the one place that you might deem lacking. This space is worth working on because everyone may go through this space when entering your home.

So, you can make the home more enjoyable and satisfying to enter by improving the foyer. You will want to hire home remodeling professionals to make the space brighter and more attractive.

Front Door

Replacing the front door can greatly affect the foyer's look and feel. For instance, you can swap from a solid front door to a windowed or stained-glass door. Both doors will bring in natural light that makes the foyer look brighter and more inviting. You may love stained glass in general, making it the perfect replacement to satisfy your preferences.

Changing the front door's color is another way that you can make a positive difference. A bold or bright color will make your house and entryway more inviting than a dark or neutral color.


As you walk through the front door, you may be greeted with a stairway. If so, you can work on the stairway to improve the foyer in several ways. A strategic option is choosing thin rails that maximize the natural light that passes through the stairway. You can also choose intricate detailing along the top that makes your home look luxurious as soon as you walk in.

Another project to consider with the stairway is adding windows along the walls. This will give you a view of the outside while going up or down the stairs. Also, you will bring more natural light into the foyer and stairway to improve brightness and the feeling of spaciousness.


While the front door and windows can positively impact lighting, you can also work on lighting installations that improve the space. In a multistory home, you may have a high enough ceiling to fit in a chandelier that instantly becomes the space's focal point. The chandelier will provide ample lighting while making the foyer more visually attractive.

Recessed lights are also worth considering because they will provide general light without putting a glare on any decorations or features.

Working on your foyer is worth doing when you are happy with the rest of the house. Taking on these projects with professional help will give you the results you seek.


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