Contamination in Wells and Complete Water Well Treatment Solutions

Posted on: 28 September 2021

The health of your water well is important for your family's health too. It is important to have a good water well system in place. Sometimes, the well can still get contaminated, and you need to have a water well treatment system installed to ensure it is healthy and safe for your family. The following water well treatment information will help you keep your well healthy.

What Are Water Well Treatment Systems?

Water wells are an underground source of water. While this water extraction method is more common in rural areas, even cities have private wells, which need to be properly treated and maintained to provide clean water. Water well treatment systems come in many forms, but all do essentially the same thing — they remove contaminants from water and make it possible for people to use the water safely.

Planning a Water Well Treatment System

Most underground water wells need some kind of treatment to make them safe to drink. Choosing a treatment method and carrying out the necessary installation work can be complex, so it's important to consult a professional and have your system installed. Before they can begin the installation, there is some planning that needs to go into the type of water well treatment system you use for your home. The planning needs to include a complete solution for the well, which includes the pumps and the type of filtration. The filtration might be a simple as a water softener, or it might need to be a complete purification system to ensure the water is clean.

Water Well Treatment System Installation

The installation of your water well treatment system is important. This process will begin by flushing and treating the well to ensure the water is clean to start with. The well service will then install the pump and treatment system that your well needs. After the installation is complete, the water flow will be tested to ensure the system is working correctly. Finally, the water from the well will be tested to ensure everything is working correctly to provide clean water.

Maintaining Water Well Treatment Systems

Water well treatment systems require regular maintenance and cleaning. The screens and filters need to be inspected regularly, and any damaged elements should be replaced. The pump and wiring should also be checked annually. Because groundwater treatment systems depend on sand or other media to filter the water, these materials need to be periodically replaced. Most systems have a schedule for replacing the sand or other media, and it's important to stick to this schedule in order to keep the system working properly.

Determining the exact nature of your water well treatment needs is the first step you should take to ensure that your family gets clean and safe water. Contact a water well treatment service like Cuttings Water Works to find out exactly what your well needs to keep it healthy.


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