Three Reasons You May Need To Have A New Staircase Installed

Posted on: 8 May 2018

If you have a staircase in your home, you may think that that staircase will last forever. However, while the staircase itself may hold up for many decades, there are many reasons why you may want to look into hiring an interior staircase installation service to replace the staircase with a new one. Here are the top reasons why you may need to have a new staircase installed. 

1. You Want a Wood or Tile Staircase

The majority of interior stairs are made from wood. However, it is thin wood, much like the type of wood used to create the sub-floor in your home; this type of wood is typically not designed to carry a great load of weight on it constantly. In most cases, this type of wood can safely handle the weight of carpet being placed over the staircase. But when it comes to wood or tile, the stairs may need to be rebuilt to support the weight of these heavier materials. If you are looking to change out the flooring in your home and want your stairs covered in tile or wood, you may need to have the stairs rebuilt or reinforced with a stronger type of wood material.  

2. Your Current Staircase is Not Up to Code

Another reason why you may need to have a new staircase installed is because your current staircase is not up to code. If you are remodeling certain parts of your home, you may need to bring different aspects of your home, such as the staircase, up to code to get the building permits approved. Different counties, cities, and states have different code requirements for staircases. The codes may require the steps to be a certain height, width and may designate how angled or sloped the staircase may be. 

3. Your Staircase Is Displaying Signs of Wear

The last reason why you may need to have a new staircase installed is because your staircase is showing signs of wear. As was mentioned above, most staircases are made from wood. As wood ages, it can lose some of its strength and can begin to warp or split. If you notice one or more stairs are beginning to feel sunken in, it looks like the edges of the stairs are beginning to lose their straight, even lines, or the stair no longer feels level and even when you stand on it, the wood is likely nearing the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. 

Installing a new staircase is not an easy task. As such, this is a process that you should leave to a professional contractor. When you are looking to have new stairs installed, turn to an interior staircase installation service to help ensure that your new stairs are up to code, safe and that they met the aesthetic look and design that you are going for. To learn more, visit a website like


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