Fall Seasonal Rental Maintenance Checklist

Posted on: 15 October 2015

If you own rental properties, you need to make sure that you or your property maintenance company stays on top of all seasonal maintenance issues. Here are a few maintenance issues you need to address at all of your rental properties this fall:

Clean All Gutters

Before the fall wraps up, you need to have all of your gutters cleaned. Gutters tend to get clogged up in the fall with leaves and other debris. Cleaning out your gutters will prevent a host of issues down the road. Clogged gutters will prevent your drainage system from working properly when it rains or snows. Backed up gutters can lead to standing water on your roof and in your gutters, which can allow mold and mildew to develop. It can also cause water damage to your roof.

You should make sure that whoever cleans out your gutters runs some water through them to test the gutter and drainage system. That way, if water is getting back up anywhere and is not properly flowing away from your buildings, you can address the issue right away. Improper drainage can lead to water damage.

Check All Heating Systems

Next, you need to have all the heating systems in your rentals checked out before the first cold front hits. You don't want to be fielding calls from your tenets on the first really cold day of fall or winter complaining that their heat does not work. You can prevent these types of calls by having a professional HVAC company come in, inspect all of your heating systems, and perform any necessary repairs and preventative maintenance. This will also prevent you from having to field unnecessary phone calls and deal with heater repairs during the winter when HVAC repair technicians are in high demand.

Insulate All Plumbing

Fall is also a great time to inspect your plumbing systems. Have a plumber come in and inspect all of your plumbing systems in your rentals for any leaks. If any leaks are spotted, they can be addressed before larger problems developed. You can also have a plumber insulate all of your pipes; this will help your pipes weather the winter without bursting, which can really eat into your maintenance budget.

Watch Out for Safety Hazards

As a landlord, it is your job to watch up for and take action against potential safety hazards. If any of your sidewalks are uneven, now is a great time to get them leveled out. If water tends to build up on your sidewalk, call in a contractor to fix the issue. If the foundation of your building has started to crack, get it repaired before your basement floods during a winter storm.

If you rent out houses or commercial property, cleaning your gutters, inspecting your heating and plumbing system, and taking care of safety hazards now will prevent you from having to address building maintenance issues in the winter when the cold temperate and wet weather can make repairs more complicated. With a little preventative action, you will not have to deal with unexpected winter maintenance issues. Make sure you complete the checklist above. If a property management company, such as Cambridge Companies, takes care of your rentals, check in with them and make sure these preventative maintenance measures are being taken care of this fall.


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