How To Patch And Paint Stucco

Posted on: 28 July 2015

Over the years, the stucco on the exterior of your home can fade and get damaged. If you need to patch holes in your stucco, you can learn to do it on your own with the right materials and practice. This article will explain how to patch stucco walls and repaint them so they look like new.

Patching with Premixed Stucco

Stucco patch can be bought as a powder or premixed. Powder stucco patch is not very convenient, especially if you only need to patch small areas. Also, mixing the stucco is an extra step that could prove troublesome. Furthermore, you cannot reseal the stucco once your have mixed it. Premixed stucco comes in resealable cans, so you can making running repairs over the years.

Applying the stucco is easiest if you have large sponges and a bucket of water. Clean out the hole in the wall, removing any loose dirt or stucco. Spread the patch with a sponge that is slightly wet. The drier the sponge is, the rougher the texture of the stucco will be. If you want to smooth out the stucco to match the existing texture, you will need to wet the sponge and buff it out slightly.

Priming and Painting the Patched Stucco

No matter how well your stucco patch matches the original texture, it will not look good if you do not repaint the patch. If you do not have left over paint from the original paint job, you will need to get a match. You can take a sample from your wall to a paint store, where they will match it for you. To make sure the paint matches, you need to prime the patch before you apply any paint. Some people repaint their entire walls when the patch their stucco. This way there are no issues with matching the new paint. Use an exterior primer that is specifically designed for stone and stucco surfaces. Let the primer dry for a full 24 hours before painting over it. Adding an extra coat of primer is a great way to add a little extra protection to your patch.

Stucco is a little tricky to work with, but you will be able to get a hang of it with a little practice. Before you try to apply the grout to your wall, it might be a good idea to spread some on a scrap piece of wood.

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